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Maloney Meat Company
3255 Firestone Blvd.
South Gate, CA 90280
(323) 249-1342

The convenient way to give gourmet food gifts to your customers, employees, & friends.
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In the Community
Our mission is to each year re-invest a portion of our proceeds into improving life within the local South Gate community.

Promise Magazine

Legacy of Giving
The Maloneys and St. Francis share key philosophies. They believe in the highest quality, hard work and helping people. They persevere, knowing that even small gestures make the world a better place. “As you get older, you look for meaning in life. You want to leave a legacy,” Mr. Maloney says about the family’s business and community efforts. Thanks to his generosity and loving nature that he shares with his wife and daughter, Mr. Maloney has crafted an impressive Legacy of Giving for future generations.

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“You never stand alone.”
– John P. Maloney

John Maloney - Promise Magazine
Maryann, John , and Theresa Maloney
Promises Magazine

John Maloney, tending the roses in front of South Gate High School.
Over the past several years, Maloney Meat Company has beautified and adopted South Gate High School.

Meat and roses aren't normally mentioned in the same breath. But they are when it comes to John Maloney, owner of the Maloney Meat Company.

He's a business legend in South Gate because of the fresh, high-quality meat he sells - and he's a community hero because of the roses he plants and tends everyday, which freshen our local air and beautify the city. click here to read more...

The traffic on Firestone Boulevard stinks of burned gasoline and dust as John Maloney makes his way on foot from his butcher shop to South Gate High School. Maloney, a 78-year-old man in a white meat-cutter's smock and hard hat, stops abruptly and raises a forefinger. "Smell that?" click here to read more...

Maloney Meat also sponsors the Santo Christiano Rio de Agua Viva Basketball Team
Santo Christiano Rio de Agua Viva Basketball Team


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